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holistic dental
Fact:  80% of persistent illnesses can be improved with dental treatment.
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This site is designed for people who are unaware that their health problems are being caused by their teeth and for medical practitioners seeking diagnostic assistance

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  holistic dental
Western medicine has always been the mainstream of modern medicine, accomplishing remarkable advancements in knowledge and practice.
However, the number of patients suffering chronic problems such as obstinant dermatitis, backache, stiff shoulders, migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. has been increasing.
In cases where the cause / symptom relationship is obvious, western medicine works very well, but when the cause and symptoms seem unrelated, eastern or holistic medicine could prove effective. Since medicine and dentistry are studied separately at university however, most medical practitioners and dentists are not aware of how dental problems can affect general health conditions. People who suffer from the above conditions and have been told the cause is uncertain, unknown or there is no way to treat them, visit our clinic from all over Japan. And in fact, 80% of them have shown improvements in their conditions.  

• Atopic Dermatitis
Although this person was diagnosed as having atopic dermatitis a long time ago we discovered he was actually allergic to metal.
>> More details on allergies – Palmoplanter pustulosis, etc.

• Dental treatment changed this elderly man’s life.
This elderly man was bedridden for many years, unable to stand or talk. Even his family gave up on him recovering. After fitting and properly adjusting false teeth he was able to both walk and talk again.
>> See details

• Palmoplanter Pustulosis (no photographs)
The skin condition of the palms of one patient was so severe that it interfered with his job. After several months of treatment his condition completely cleared up.
>> More details on allergies – Palmoplanter pustulosis, etc.

Atopic Dermatitis with Lateral Curvature of the Spine.
This patient’s atopic dermatitis was particularly bad and she was undergoing steroid treatment from a dermatologist. As you can see, her posture is badly affected.
>> See details.

Electromagnetic Radiation Experiment
Put a cellular phone (which is on) on your chest and stand at your ease. If
you feel dizzy, unsteady, nauseous, tightness in the chest, numbness in the
arms, or throbbing of the heart (symptoms vary from person to person), you
might be hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

The photo, left, is of a person having a mobile phone put close to their
ear. It is evident that the subject is considerably affected due to
electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

>> See details

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