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Metal in the mouth working as an antenna for electromagnetic radiation.
According to a research report, it has been shown that 95% of the known cases of chronic fatigue syndrome are caused by electromagnetic radiation hypersensitivity associated with the use of computers and mobile phones. Another report states that blood circulation in the brain is reduced by up to 1/4 when putting a mobile phone to the ear for 30 seconds. Since mobile phones are small, it is easy to think that they create less electromagnetic radiation than computers, but in actual fact, this radiation penetrates into organic tissue with more intensity because it is in the form of microwaves.
Also, electromagnetic radiation intensity is directly related to distance so using a mobile phone close to the brain could have an adverse effect.
Due to the decreased blood circulation in the brain, it is possible that dizziness, unsteadiness, fuzziness and headache may occur. These conditions which normally are diagnosed as nothing unusual by doctors could be occurring due to the metal in dental fillings acting as an aerial for electromagnetic waves.
It is not uncommon for people to be diagnosed with “panic syndrome” or “chronic fatigue syndrome” because they have had falls while on the train (these conditions occur more often on the train since it is enclosed and electromagnetic waves cannot escape) or to have fuzziness and lethargy. They are commonly told the conditions are stress related and given anti-depression drugs, tranquilizers or sleeping tablets. The patients take the drugs because the symptoms improve temporarily, and after a while, they find themselves unable to stop although they want to. These people suffer because the Japanese government doesn’t acknowledge the effects of electromagnetic radiation on organisms.

Video: Patient falls when a mobile phone is put on her chest.

Electromagnetic Radiation Experiment

Put a cellular phone (which is on) on your chest and stand at your ease. If you feel dizzy, unsteady, nauseous, tightness in the chest, numbness in the arms, or throbbing of the heart (symptoms vary from person to person), you might be hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

The photo, left, is of a person having a mobile phone put close to their ear. It is evident that the subject is considerably affected due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. We also found that the effects are even more pronounced if the phone rings during the experiment.

According to a thesis about sense, balance and electromagnetic radiation, one out of five people has this kind of syndrome. If the symptoms described above were to happen when a person was standing on the edge of a platform, it would not be surprising of they were to fall off onto the train tracks.

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