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This site is designed for people who are unaware that their health problems are being caused by their teeth and for medical practitioners seeking diagnostic assistance

Very few details are given about our clinic as the purpose of this site is to be an information source, not to solicit business.


50-year-old Junko Morishita from Sakai-City who used to suffer from "trigeminal nerve pain"

Monday June 21 2004 was a day when a dream came true for me, because it was when the trigeminal nerve pain, which I used to suffer from for 1 year and 3 months, disappeared. That was one year after I first visited Shin Kobe Dental Clinic.

In July 1999, a prickling pain started during dinner. I thought without any doubt it was because of a cavity and started dental treatment with a dentist in my neighborhood. Although the treatment itself progressed, the pain got worse and worse. The prescribed painkiller didn't work at all. Finally, I became unable to eat and talk.

In November of the same year, I was referred to an oral surgeon and I was given Tegretol (carbamazepine) because the dentist thought it could be trigeminal nerve pain. The drug worked very well and the pain was gone after 20 minutes. Since then, I started taking them regularly.

Back in March this year I had a hysterectomy due to a uterine myoma and I thought it could have been the cause of pain in my lower back, general backache, and eventually in my jaw joints.

From October 2001, I started visiting a cerebral surgeon at a university medical school where the following November I had an MRI to see where the trigeminal nerve was actually touching a blood vessel. They found one suspicious place behind the ear.
The surgeon recommended that I have an operation to put a little hole through the skull and put a small cushion between the nerve and the blood vessel to prevent them from touching each other. He said it would be a simple operation and the pain would go away quickly. But I was horrified to think of having a hole put in my skull and turned it down.

In March 2003, the night after I had a tooth filling done earlier in the day, the pain restarted. My dentist decided to wait until the treatment for the nerve pain had finished and I started taking Tegretol again. But, it didn't work anymore. I couldn't eat and had severe pain if I moved my right cheek. Just walking caused pain and washing my face and putting lotion on my face caused excruciating pain. At the hospital, I was recommended again to have the operation but I searched Internet and found out that it worked on some people but not others. But, I was not happy to keep taking the painkillers because it was not curing the cause only easing the pain.

I really wanted to be free from the pain and wondered if there was any way to find out the cause. Although I visited 2 acupuncturists and chiropractors, there was no improvement. It left me completely at a loss. Then one day, one of my friends who had attended Mr. Fujita's lecture class introduced me to Shin Kobe Dental Clinic.

In June 2003, I visited the clinic and was so impressed by the bright clean clinic with lots of greenery. The dentists and staff were so nice and they actually listened to me! I was thinking I had never before been to a comfortable clinic such as there.

O-ring Treatment

They started to fill my cavities and adjusted my jaw joints. With an O-ring, they could understand how much pain I was in. That was wonderful. In may case, occlusion was pretty bad too. This was because I had quite a few cavities, which had not been treated, so that there were only two places where the top and bottom teeth met properly.
Also, my left upper wisdom tooth was growing inside of the gum upward and it was causing jaw joint distortion. I was electromagnetic hypersensitive as well so I had severe pain and numbness in the lips. If I put a cold towel on my right cheek it was so painful. We decided to remove all the existing fillings, change them to something that wouldn't cause an allergic reaction and to replace extracted teeth with false ones.

Happiness to be able to talk and eat!

On June 17th 2004, gold alloy fillings were done. It was a bit easier to have dinner that day but the next day, it was still painful to wash my face and put on make up. Also, I was dizzy the whole day at work. On the 19th, the dizziness was very bad but I thought it must have been the process of improving, and it was gone on the next day. On the morning of the 21st, I didn't have any pain while washing my face. It had just gone. I couldn't believe I was talking and eating normally. My family was extremely happy, too.

Since then, all eleven teeth fillings have been changed without any problems and the treatment finished on January 25th, 2005. Thank you so much Mr. Fujita,
Ms. Okuda, Ms. Sato for taking care of me for so long. I don't have any words to express my gratitude, especially to Mr. Fujita. Without prescribing any drugs or performing an operation, he treated the trigeminal nerve pain. I want to let people know about this wonderful O-ring treatment and want the government to approve this treatment for coverage by national health insurance.

Kikue Kobayashi from Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, 70 years old.

Nobody would believe that my stomachache was fixed by occlusion adjustment.

On January 8th, I was brought to an emergency hospital with excruciating pain from my rear right shoulder to my stomach. Test results showed that air had gotten into my liver and that liver function had gone down terribly. Doctors put a tube in from the nose and sucked out a substance from my stomach and I was put on an IV drip. After 10 days in the hospital, may liver was back to normal but the doctor told me it would recur from time to time. I told him that I had pain when I drank liquids but he just told me that was understandable but to chew things well.

When I told this to Mr. Fujii, he was very surprised and started treatment. Even putting a bra was painful but it disappeared after his treatment. It was like a miracle. It takes me more than 40 minutes to get to Nagoya station and from there to Kobe, it takes another hour by bullet train, but it's worth it. I'll keep visiting the clinic in Kobe. Thank you very much.

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