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This site is designed for people who are unaware that their health problems are being caused by their teeth and for medical practitioners seeking diagnostic assistance

Very few details are given about our clinic as the purpose of this site is to be an information source, not to solicit business.


Our Dentist
Emi Okuda, Dentist

"There's something I want to show you. Why don't you come with me?” One of my university classmates invited me one day to a dental surgery in Osaka city. Out of curiosity, I went there to see Mr. Fujii's practice. I still remember the day clearly.

The following is the conversation between Mr. Fujii and his patient:
Fujii: What's wrong?
Patient A: I cannot raise my arm higher than this (she put her arm horizontally and frowned with pain).

Me: He is a dentist! Why is he listening about the pain in the arm?

Fujii: Okay, can you make a circle with your fingers? (taking the patient's hand..)

Me: What is this guy doing?

Fujii: Okay, I’ve got it. I'll adjust your tooth a little bit (he did something to the patient's tooth within a second). It's done. Please gargle.
Me: What? Did he shave the tooth or what?

Fujii: How's your arm now?
Patient: I can raise my arm! No Pain! Thanks very much!

Me: What on earth is this!?!?!?!?

After this patient, he saw a patient who had pain in her jaw, another with severely stiff shoulders and another with headaches and dizziness, successfully treating them immediately.

I have never ever been shocked so much in my whole life. I had no idea what he did but patients obviously got a lot better in front of me and they left happy.

This was the first time I had heard about the o-ring test, which treats malocclusion and general conditions in the whole body.

After the initial shock had gone, I got scared thinking if such a little adjustment of the tooth can have that much of an affect, then the patients I saw could have gotten worse after my treatment because I've never thought about how it could effect the whole body". At the end of the day, Mr. Fujii asked me where I was working. I said to him I was working for a dental surgery but after seeing his treatment, I was too scared to practice there anymore. He asked me, "Then, why don't you come to my surgery in Kobe right away?" I spent one month on trial at Shin Kobe Dental Clinic and have worked there ever since.

At university, we didn't study the relationships between teeth and general health conditions because the consequences of causes and effects had never been verified. But, there are some medical practitioners who had published books and/or were doing lectures for dentists on this issue.
I myself had been to these kinds of lectures and read books but I consciously avoided this issue, because in most cases that I saw, patients didn't show much improvement or had unnecessary treatments. It seemed to be very difficult for the patients physically and financially.

Meeting Mr. Fujii, I finally found real satisfaction as a dentist. I'm so glad to hear many patients say when they leave, "It was worth coming here. I've gotten a lot better".
Until then, I used to believe that just chewing and eating properly made for good health. But it is a fact that less and less people visit dental surgeries as often since the national health coverage for dental treatment was decreased.

But, people won’t care about money if something is really important for them. I started to doubt in my mind that my job was really helping people. And, on seeing that business seminars for dentists to teach how to get more patients were popular, I began to think that something was wrong and I wasn’t able to be confident in my job.

There’s no standard to determine if a person is healthy or not. Even if nothing wrong is found during a medial check-up, if the person feels that something is wrong, then something must be wrong. Doctors quite often say that nothing is wrong or the cause is unknown. Some people might be told that it is probably stress related, but I believe that doctors should say, “I cannot find anything wrong” or “I cannot find the cause”. This is because people knew something was wrong and that was why they visited the hospital.

We decided to start this website because we thought there might be many people who suffer from different problems without knowing that the cause might be related to orthodontic and dental problems. Of course dental/ orthodontic treatments don’t work for all but seeing the 80% rate of improvement, we thought it was worth letting people know.
I hope that seeing a dentist will become a known option when people have health problems in the near future.

Emi Okuda, Dentist
Graduated from Osaka Dental University in 1995
After working for a dental surgery, started working for the Shiundernkobe Dental Clinic using holistic dental treatments.

DFRS Chairperson
Member of “Kamiawase to zenshin no kenko wo kangaeru kai”
Member of Japan Dental Society of Oriental Medicine
Associate member of the Japanese Medical Society of the Arthrokinematic Approach

Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Matsumoto who understood my philosophy and designed this website (also my patient) voluntarily, senior dentist, Mr. Fujii who provided much information, and dental nurses, Mr. Sano and Ms. Akamatsu.

Emi Okuda: Dentist, Shin Kobe Dental Clinic


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